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When you are busy running a business it is sometimes easy to lose sight of the fact that your greatest asset is your employees. This is never the intention of any employer but given the fast pace and interconnectedness of today’s business environment it can sometimes be a struggle to step back, through something like team meetings, and take a holistic view of your organization and the people who help run it.

To this regard if you do not make a concerted effort to engage with your employees on a deeper level then simply the day to day goings on of business life then ability to truly foster the growth of your employees, both personally and professionally, will be greatly hindered. The same can be said for if your employees face a crisis within their personal life. If your company is not in a position to engage with the employees on this level then you could possibly lose a good employee, or have to deal with a disruption to your business that may have been avoided otherwise.

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Team Meetings

Driving Employee Engagement and Inclusion

When most employees hear that there is going to be a team meeting they usually have one of two reactions: I get to have a break from work for a bit or this is going to be awkward surface-level jargon that I have to listen to. Yet the purpose of having team meetings is neither of these things. It is to engage your employees in a meaningful manner and to allow the possibility for open dialogue to occur.

Beyond the simple idea of having an open dialogue so that your employees can seek help if they need it, it will also help your business thrive because individuals will feel empowered to manage up (meaning manage those who are above them in the company structure), and so many unnecessary problems can be avoided. In fact it is often times the fact that employees do not feel empowered to speak up that costly issues arise in an organization that could have been avoided if there was more of an open and inclusive environment.

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These meetings are more than a way to stop turn over but they are a way to truly create a team within your business that will not only work like a well oiled machine, but will feel comfortable reaching out for help if they need it. That is the goal with CurePro’s team meetings. We want to allow every one of your employees the opportunity to seek help with the understanding that they are not being judged, but rather that people who have their best interest at heart are caring them for.

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If you are interested in learning more about team meetings, not only as a means to help your company excel in the handling of substance abuse issues in the workplace, but also a way to offer services and support for struggling employees then give us a call today at 1-321-432-2839. We understand that the issue of addiction in the workplace is multi-faceted, as there are business level factors to take into account as well as personal and emotional factors to sift through. At CurePro we are standing by to help you navigate the complexity of workplace addiction and in turn help your company become the best that it could be.

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