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We offer each company the ability to empower itself with real time information regarding the landscape each company team member faces daily. This country faces a pandemic where drugs and alcohol are concerned. Prevention and transparent information are one of the critical components to arrest the conditions that threaten the sanctity of every workplaces environment.

For all of your company’s needs where safeguarding the operators of your operation are concerned, CurePro offers a path and partnership where this critical yet delicate, and imperative, issue is concerned. Statistics are not the focus…the people that comprise your company are. That being said, statistically the following is staggering at best. In a company with even 10 permanent team members, the total cost on workplace loss is over $31,000 dollars. Annually companies nationwide on turnover and training and overall costs due to lost team members based on drugs and alcohol averages at over $81 billion dollars. We are here to do our part along with your intention to keep these facts and figures from devastating the environment of your company.

CurePro Services

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  • Corporate Programs

    Customized curriculum to insure the safety and sanctity of each valued team member in each and every company environment. Both group and individual scenarios are available. Assessment, stabilization, and placement when and where needed are part of this aspect. Thorough aftercare plans and preparation are offered to companies when the need arises as well.

  • Education Programs

    With the opiate crisis running rampant and the real deadly danger of fentanyl we have
    programs specifically geared towards faculty carrying the greatest level of awareness. We also in turn offer engagement sessions with the student body to provide real conversations, where this crisis is concerned. Parents of the student body are also offered group or individualsessions to convey all relevant factors.

  • Churches and Religious Organizations

    Both for the Pastoral staff and Church staff curriculum and awareness information is provided. From a standpoint of each house of worships congregations. Workshops, studies, gatherings and or sessions can be provided to provide insight into all topics affecting individuals and families where drug and alcohol awareness and prevention are concerned.

  • Individuals

    Regarding any individual in need of assessment, consultation or aftercare and on going stabilization CurePro offers individual engagement and care on an as need and desired or determined basis.

  • Aftercare

    A massive landscape of qualified resources are offered to assure that the gains made where each circumstance is concerned are safeguarded with consistent and carefully chosen aftercare programs. These resources are available through both the founder and principal Steven Ginsburg and through CurePro’s board of advisers.

The founder

About Steven

Steven Ginsburg has been in and around recovery and sobriety since 1988. Steven also has been actively involved in the commercial real estate and hospitality field for over 31 years. With a heart for the Lord and recovery focusing on putting others first Steven along with his principal partner Christian Peacox founded and opened Restore Detox Center in August 2017. The conviction he carries and the work he’s been blessed to participate in at Restore as the Chief Executive Officer and founding Principal Owner led him to want to offer more to many through the avenue of CurePro.

Stevens vast professional background and exposure to the results of a demanding performance based environment inspired him to create a platform where the best
information and care can be offered to the heart of what matters the most to thriving entities it’s team members. A person at a time, a company at a time, a day at a time, Steven believes and has seen firsthand that there is a solution.

About Steven
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