CurePro provides a safe space where employees can take stock of their current circumstances, as we provide them with information so that they may begin taking steps towards some level of self-assessment and or realization of a pending crisis. We have found the inclusion of a safe space within a working environment, one that is free from judgment or fear or reprisal allows employers and employees to better interact, and deal with a pending crisis before it boils over.

The dominant theme of our services revolve around the ideas of prevention, retention, and when needed intervention. Through building our services around these themes we are able to address a version of the wellness arm within the workplace that provides a unique aspect of real time and real world information, of the day to day risks that exist in society today, and effectuate individual and company performance. Considering how much money is lost and spent each year, in terms of loss of productivity and the like, we believe that having real time information on any concerns gives employers the ability to act accordingly in order to help guide employees towards a viable solution for their substance abuse issues.

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    Having been in the industry of addiction recovery and rehabilitation, we know first-hand the impact that it can have on people and therefor, businesses.

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    Steven T. Ginsburg has three decades of service in the Vacation Ownership Industry. Stevens father founded and developed Shell Vacations Club which was acquired in 2012 with Steven and his siblings as active employees and principal owners. Steven also has a heart for the Lord and recovery. These factors were the driving force behind his desire to develop and open Restore Detox. Steven was granted the gift of sobriety at the age of nineteen. After twelve years clean and sober he suffered a relapse. He was blessed through the Lords grace and mercy to find sobriety again and on November 12th 2016 celebrated his twelfth sober anniversary. Restore is a true labor of love for he and his family comprised of his remarkable wife Nicole and their two blessings son Brayden Isaiah and daughter Marlia Grace.

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At CurePro we can help you establish a culture where monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annual team meetings are something that everyone looks forward to. These team meetings can give employees the opportunity to express whatever it is that they need to express and it also opens the door for them to reach out to have individual sessions with the appropriate people in order to talk about concerns or issues they are having in their own life.

These meetings are more than a way to stop turn over but they are a way to truly create a team within your business that will not only work like a well oiled machine, but will feel comfortable reaching out for help if they need it. That is the goal with CurePro’s team meetings. We want to allow every one of your employees the opportunity to seek help with the understanding that they are not being judged, but rather that people who have their best interest at heart are caring them for.

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HR Training

The HR training offered by CurePro is designed to bridge the proverbial gap in the case of employee crisis and to assist in the event where assessment and placement, and or aftercare, would be relevant. What this means is that we seek to fill in any spaces or questions that may arise within the realm … Continued

Team Meetings

When you are busy running a business it is sometimes easy to lose sight of the fact that your greatest asset is your employees. This is never the intention of any employer but given the fast pace and interconnectedness of today’s business environment it can sometimes be a struggle to step back, through something like … Continued

Individual Sessions

While team meetings are a great way to bring a company together, there are certain topics that cannot be covered or disclosed in a setting like this. This is traditionally where individual sessions with employees come in, in order to expound upon any topic that may have been covered in a team meeting session. At … Continued


Individual Sessions

Something that was discussed in the course of the explanation of our Human Resources training, was how CurePro creates an environment within your organization where employees will feel comfortable reaching out if they are struggling with substance abuse or some other crisis within their life. It is through the usage of individual sessions with employees that these issues can be discussed and explored and help can be sought if needed. By creating an inclusive and non-judgmental space where employees can divulge their issues we allow your organization to better meet the needs of the employees and allows you to retain their employment even through the toughest of times.

Beyond utilizing individual sessions as a means to help employees through difficult situations in their lives, they can also be used as a means to address performance issues that can arise from time to time. The fact of the matter is that people are not machines and so therefore your employees will, at different points in their employment, experience lapses in performance. This is bound to happen to even the best of employees during their tenure at a company, but if handled correctly it is does not need to be a distressing situation.

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