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The HR training offered by CurePro is designed to bridge the proverbial gap in the case of employee crisis and to assist in the event where assessment and placement, and or aftercare, would be relevant. What this means is that we seek to fill in any spaces or questions that may arise within the realm of human resources as it relates to substance abuse or crisis intervention. Our aim is to be preventative in nature, by giving employees a safe space in which to explore whether or not they are in need of support and help, and then giving them access to the proper channels of assistance.

In some cases this may mean that they will have access to outpatient services, where they can continue their day to day life, meeting the demands of work and family, and in other cases it may mean that more extensive assistance is required. In the case where inpatient treatment is necessary we can offer the best practices for how to handle such a case and when the employee returns to work can guide the aftercare programming as well.

It is important to note that these services are meant to strengthen human resources presence within an employee crisis and are not meant to act in lieu of what a traditional HR generalist brings to the table.

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The main purpose of CurePro’s HR Training is to offer companies the ability to align themselves with the most up to date facts about how best to deal with an employee crisis. We do this by relaying real time information about the current state of substance abuse in this country and what current measures are being implemented in order to help combat the problem. We also work closely with the staff in order to realize preventative measures within the organization, and if necessary offer intervention services in order to get the employee the help they need.

By offering these services we can increase the level of employee retention when dealing with a crisis, and where needed we offer intervention services, whether that be outpatient, inpatient, or aftercare services.

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One of the most important aspects of our HR training rests in the fact that we offer employees a safe space in which they can assess their current level of crisis and what sort of measures they will need to take in order to deal with them. This sort of self-assessment is unusual in a majority of medical and psychological settings, but when it comes to dealing with substance abuse issues it is the norm. In fact without a self-diagnosis that the individual is in fact suffering from addiction it is often times almost impossible for them to seek the proper treatment for their ailment.

We have also found that the utilization of a safe space in which employees can discuss candidly what is going in their lives makes it much more likely that they will seek the proper treatment for their current issues. When working in conjunction with the training that we offer, this sort of interaction allows the employee to be more open with what they will share because they realize that the individual that they are speaking to is coming from a non-judgmental and understanding place and they will not fear reprisal for any admission that they make. This trust building is integral in creating an environment where healing can occur and help can be sought.

Equally as important is the fact that we greatly believe in the usage and application of aftercare programming. The transition back to work after a treatment stay can be tenuous for both employee and employer, but by using the tools of an aftercare program the transition can go much smoother. You also are letting the employee know that they are supported in their life changes and are giving the best possible chance at achieving sustained recovery.

If you are interested in learning more about the services that we offer, not only as a means to help your company excel in the handling of substance abuse issues in the workplace, but also a way to offer services and support for struggling employees then give us a call today. We understand that the issue of addiction in the workplace is multi-faceted, as there are business level factors to take into account as well as personal and emotional factors to sift through. At CurePro we are standing by to help you navigate the complexity of workplace addiction and in turn help your company become the best that it could be.

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