Steven Ginsburg

Steven Ginsburg has been in and around recovery and sobriety since 1988. Steven also has been actively involved in the commercial real estate and hospitality field for over 31 years. With a heart for the Lord and recovery focusing on putting others first Steven along with his principal partner Christian Peacox founded and opened Restore Detox Center in August 2017. The conviction he carries and the work he’s been blessed to participate in at Restore as the Chief Executive Officer and founding Principal Owner led him to want to offer more to many through the avenue of CurePro. Stevens vast professional background and exposure to the results of a demanding performance based environment inspired him to create a platform where the best information and care can be offered to the heart of what matters the most to thriving entities it’s team members. A person at a time a company at a time a day at a time Steven believes and has seen firsthand that there is a solution. Awareness care compassion and intentional action on behalf of all can keep many out of harms way and save many who have fallen into peril in the face of the drug and alcohol pandemic that is sweeping this nation. CurePro is here for and with you and your team. The founder Steven Ginsburg has assembled a board of advisers unparalleled in nature. Empowered with every resource necessary to execute where the afore mentioned is concerned. CurePro the beginning of the end of loss where the workplace and beyond is addressed. Delivering the reality that there will always be more value to repair then replace those who matter most to so many.

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