A company will excel, regress, thrive or decline based on those that compose the fulfillment of its purpose.  In today’s workplaces the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence estimates that employers are incurring a cost of over 81 billion dollars annually due to drug and alcohol dependence among their employees. The fiscal cost alone with the detriment to morale are elements that magnify this already prevalent and urgent crisis.


CurePro among other critical components will provide awareness to prevent your team, from top to bottom, from becoming a part of the aforementioned statistical loss. We will also be there when an individual is in need of assistance. We will help to assess the best course of action to empower your company to repair rather then replace a valuable member of your corporation. We will stand with you and for you when this delicate and urgent matter occurs.

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CurePro has the knowledge base and understanding of addiction that can help aid you in creating a comprehensive and effective plan for dealing with employees who are suffering from addiction. We understand that turn over is not only costly for the company, as it will involve costs for training, possible overtime for other employees, and the cost to cover unemployment benefits, but that there are other unforeseen costs to morale and working relationships.

While it may seem like a grand undertaking, with some guidance you will find that dealing with these issues in a workplace setting is not nearly as difficult or costly as you may have once believed. You will be educating yourself and your staff on one of the largest public health concerns that this country has seen in quite some time, as well as giving yourself the ability to retain valuable and important workers. Just because an individual suffers from addiction does not mean that they are beyond help, and with a little bit of support and guidance- anything is possible.

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If you are interested in learning more about the services that we offer, not only as a means to help your company excel in the handling of substance abuse issues in the workplace, but also a way to offer services and support for struggling employees then give us a call today at 1-321-432-2839. We understand that the issue of addiction in the workplace is multi-faceted, as there are business level factors to take into account as well as personal and emotional factors to sift through. At CurePro we are standing by to help you navigate the complexity of workplace addiction and in turn help your company become the best that it could be.

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